Rabu, 21 September 2016

One year ago, I woke up while my parents were entering in my bedroom.. The darkness in my bedroom was cutted by candle light above a big cake.

I remember what was in my pray at the first day of age 22. And now I'm reflecting about what I have done for one year. Hamdallah, Allah Al Samii. My hope was 'I need to mark all valuable goals by myself which ever blocked by people around me within illogical reason

Thank you Allah, Young Voices Indonesia, the US Embassy, Dr Mason Global and British Council for welcoming me as an unperfect leader to never give up changing something better ahead.

Thank you American and British Deaf friends for hosting me in your incredible continents and sharing me valueable lessons.

Last and but not least, thank you families for letting me be mature in making final decision.

A precious moment captured perfectly. What a great way to end age 22 nowadays :)

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